Lane or Brit for WIN

Get Hayden gone then final three brit lane and Regan. When The BoreGade threw out Matt who was the reason those clowns made it as far as they did don’t deserve to be final 3. Britney is the ultimate player having two successful alliances so Rich oil tycoon and lovable redneck Lane will win against brit or Regan in jury votes. Meow meow needs to exit to his litter box and Hayden needs to get his Justin bieber haircut asap. Lane may not need the money but he has played his game with loyalty and integrity which is hard to do in bb



Thom Collins- represent O.K.L.A.H.O.M.O Sexual, tis me! Were doing fine OKLAHOMa city Okay.  I see my Sister Tulsa in da house and love this experiment.  Just in case I pull a Kate Winslet I wrote a little something if honored with such a noble duty to represent my Twisted Sisters here on the belt buckle of the bible belt. If not it was just an honor to try and make sense of this observation as to stay on point and not go all Wild Tangent up in here.  This is how I see it and I have seen allot. 

Picture it Midwest Oklahoma City 1995 just opening a non for profit HIV/AIDS foundation Open Your Heart org.  Always one to be a step ahead understanding the power of publicity a close girlfriend signed me up to a then Large but still communal AOL 1.5 giving me the Handle name ThomPoz. Remember the famous "Inter webs" didn’t go mainstream until 1998.  This is my point and how it all relates to this project on Facebook.  If NOT for the GLBT community keeping those memberships/cash flow to AOL servers always UP for a good time at all hours of the day getting served a daily dose of just how friendly the GAYS who by no fault of our own are 1st in line to be condemned/hated on, or beaten but at the same time this then uncharted Internet and Cyberspace began to introduce Netscape or a new app called a search engine like Yahoo all would profit through growth and expansion as to one day be able to chat around the world but someone (Al Gore?) or something had to host it.

So 1995 prior and after AOL kept many a members happy with the somewhat original dose of a very BUSY GLBT Communal Networking of it’s time knocking the 976 party lines off their throne before they realized the now Infamous M4M "CHAT ROOMS" were fresh,overloaded, exciting, and new. Just those three years alone AOL saw a spike in memberships and they were not from housewives for scrap booking ideas. Plus it was FREE!  Honey we were at the party and as a Veteran of AOL I still have my chats/hosted HIV/AIDS private hosted monthly chat printed on dot.matrix printer. Knowing it impossible to try and compete with the ever changing M4M basic inquiry to years later so very creative M4BiM/Tran under 30 Chat rooms.Turned on and over by the time mainstream America could say Who Where What or -www..dotcoms  were just learning the difference between the animal Mouse and the computer mouse and the idea of the Personal computer/Media/Video/Music/Entertainment basically as we now know and love didn’t get off so to speak with such excitement invested money into the future of the World Wide Web and Silicon valley .dot Busted. My friends still built my website in 1998 sadly she is still up and gets email to date but  archaic html gives a glimpse or a snapshot if you will of what the net was like 10 plus years ago. 

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Hot Topics: Obama Outlines His Gay Agenda On

Obama Outlines His Gay Agenda On


Obama Outlines His Gay Agenda On

Hot Topics: Obama Outlines His Gay Agenda On


Rolex passed away at 8:30am December 28, 2008
in my partners arms after a 2 plus year battle with an
“auto-immune”disease like Lupus.  He was 12 nHalf
and if not for my strong faith Jesus took him with no
suffering and the Glory is to God for allowing my family
to be his guardian and he is in the Lords embrace truly
free and in bliss. HE was NEVER a PET but family &
best friend and was never raised in a CAGE being I
am disabled. Sweet dreams my angel




This is the only way to get thru this very tough time in my families life.  Rolex was almost 13 years June 17th of next year.  Some of you may have seen him as my sidekick over the years but as cliche’ as this sounds he is in what only word can express what I am trying to say and that is Bliss or at Peace.  He died in my partners arms at 8:30am and he will be surely missed. My baby did not suffer and I am forever grateful to Jesus for taking his tired little body and will meet again. 




Please pray for my little friend



I ask any of you who may see this photo or know about my unconditional love for this little primate named Rolex who I adopted almost 13 years ago next year.  He has been very ill and we almost lost him from an auto immune disease possible onset of his type two diabetes.  He was on Imuran which worked for humans who have Lupus like my capuchin most likely is fighting.  Please pray for him he is getting better but it is the toughest time in my life and this is why I have been M.I.A.  Pray for his recovery and for our fami